Warmth on Wheels

Sep 11, 2018 | by NW Division

Steve comes to The Salvation Army’s William Booth Center all the way from Kansas City. Not being familiar with the Seattle area, Steve was very anxious when travelling on foot. Therefore, he began taking taxi rides to the VA Hospital and the grocery store. With each trip, Steve would owe over $80, something he was unable to afford. He then found himself in a rough situation: fall further into poverty, or travel in fear.

With the help of grant-funded Uber rides, however, Steve didn’t have to choose either path. Instead, he is able to receive direct, secure transportation to his twice-weekly hospital visits. He can count on Uber to help him arrive on time to every appointment. Additionally, he is always welcomed by the Uber drivers with warmth and kindness. When asked about his experience with Uber, Steve, smiling, stated that the rides were “a tremendous godsend.” Steve feels truly blessed to have these Uber rides available to him, and soon, he will be using them to find his own permanent housing.

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