Driven to Independence

Sep 6, 2018 | by NW Division

Pamela and her son came to Salvation Army’s Hickman House after fleeing an abusive husband who had repeatedly threatened to kill them while holding a loaded gun to her head. His tactics of power and control included forbidding her to drive, work outside the home, spend money, or go anywhere unaccompanied by him. As her husband is a local bus driver, she does not feel safe riding the bus, and she cannot afford her own car or driving lessons at this time.

Since her arrival, Pamela has used the grant-funded Uber rides to attend and access community resources. Without Uber, she wouldn’t have made the court dates, custody hearings, appointments with lawyers, and counseling sessions that will allow her to move forward in her life. The grant has empowered her with her new sense of freedom and independence. When asked about how Uber has helped her, Pamela said being able to travel by Uber “gives me what I need to feel safe.” With the help of Uber, Pamela can continue to fight for her family safely and autonomously.

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