Meeting Milestones

Sep 25, 2018 | by NW Division

Jackie came to The Salvation Army as a survivor of over ten years in the human trafficking system. During that time, she was sold, abused, and violated beyond comprehension. Thankfully, she was able to escape and connect with REST, a nonprofit who works with the commercially sexually exploited. REST then reached out to our Women’s Shelter, where Jackie is now receiving further assistance and case managing. Unfortunately, due to Jackie’s severe PTSD, returning to a stable life remains difficult. Just walking down a busy sidewalk can be enough to aggravate her symptoms. This has prevented her from receiving social services and even basic necessities.

But now, thanks to grant-funded Uber rides, Jackie is able to escape the city elements when traveling. She can go straight from the shelter to the Uber to her destination, limiting the PTSD triggers to which she is exposed. Jackie herself in an activist against trafficking and puts a lot of emphasis on autonomy. When asked how Uber has helped her, she said, “It has helped me to move forward with my life while managing my PTSD” Jackie knows that even the smallest milestones—such as traveling to the grocery store and back—are worth celebrating, and Uber is there to help her reach them.

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