The Difference a Driver Makes

Sep 19, 2018 | by NW Division

When asked how he got to the VA Hospital before Uber, Bradley responded, “I often didn’t.” Prior to coming to The Salvation Army’s William Booth Center, Bradley would have to take two buses to reach his appointments, with commutes being over an hour each way. There were other times when public transportation service would be out, or the option of a taxi ride would be too expensive. In those instances, Bradley, who suffers from chronic pain, would have to forgo medical care.

Now, Bradley can rely on grant-funded Uber rides to bring him to and from the VA Hospital. He even has the app on his personal phone, and he takes comfort in tracking his rides. Bradley looks forward to every Uber trip thanks to the friendly nature of the drivers he has encountered. When asked how Uber has helped him, he said, “It’s a nice way to get around. Uber drivers are so kind, and that makes all the difference.” Bradley dreams of one day owning a car of his own, but until then, Uber is “a great blessing.”

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