Domestic Violence Services

Jun 9, 2021

Natalie's Story

“Natalie” came to The Salvation Army in Seattle with her three children after leaving her abusive husband. She said they married at age 19 and initially she mistook his possessive and controlling behaviors for love. He progressed to verbal abuse and then began to isolate her from her family and restrict her activities.

She was not allowed to work outside the home or go anywhere without him. The physical abuse began after the birth of their first child and escalated in severity as time went on.

After a particularly violent episode, she called The Salvation Army for help. The Salvation Army stood at her side and helped Natalie rebuild her life. Today she is self-sufficient, works full-time, and lives with her three children. “The Salvation Army gave me a second chance to live a peaceful and happy life with my three children,” said Natalie.

The Salvation Army Domestic Violence services, based in King County, WA, provide assistance to families whose lives have been affected by domestic abuse – physical, emotional or sexual abuse. Our extensive approach to assisting victims of domestic violence includes confidential emergency and transitional shelters where victims and their children can stay safely while we assist them with the steps toward recovery and independent living.

Our two safe houses are available to those experiencing domestic abuse. One is an emergency shelter available to those who are being actively pursued by their abusive partner. Clients are later moved to a transitional safe home that provides additional time, support, and resources, giving survivors the opportunity to establish economic independence and build their social support networks while working towards self-sufficiency.

The program includes multi-faceted counseling to meet survivors’ needs at any stage of an abusive relationship. Individuals who are involved in an abusive situation can work with our advocates to develop a personalized safety plan and increase safety while in the relationship, or, if they decide to leave, to minimize the danger.

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